Empowering People: Genetic Counselling in Focus

October 1, 2019 to April 25, 2021

What is a genetic counsellor, what do they do, and who gets to see one? 

Genetic counsellors are healthcare professionals trained to work with people who have, or may be at risk from, a genetic condition. They have a unique skillset that combines their knowledge of genetics and different health conditions, communication skills that break down jargon and make sense of complex situations, and counselling skills that support people with the emotional impacts of their experience. Genetic counsellors work with people to enable them to make choices that are right for them. There is not one set path through genetic testing, diagnosis and experience but individuals, families and genetic counsellors can work together to find the most empowering path. As genomics becomes more prevalent in our healthcare system, and genetic testing more commonplace, researchers at the Wellcome Genome Campus are studying the evidence of how genetic counselling supports people to make informed decisions about their health choices. In exploring this exhibition you will encounter those working at the forefront of both clinical and research genetic counselling. Meet these individuals, discover the stories of patients that they have worked with, and walk for a moment in someone else’s shoes.


Images: Chrystal Ding

Film: Society and Ethics Research, Wellcome Connecting Science