Genomic Expressions

March 22, 2018 to June 16, 2018

 What does genomics mean to you?

How would you answer this question? Does it mean your family? Maybe it’s your ancestry? What about your health? Or perhaps the answer is, “I’ve no idea!” For this exhibition we posed this to those who work at the Wellcome Genome Campus. The creative responses featured in Genomic Expressions are by people from across our campus: lab assistants, administrators, software developers, and senior scientists. Some may make you smile, some are heart-warming but all encourage us, the viewer, to reflect on our own answer to the question. A genome is the unique DNA code possessed by all living things; their very own set of instructions made from four chemicals that we know as A, C, G and T. The Wellcome Genome Campus was established as part of the Human Genome Project; a project to sequence the entire human genome for the first time, working out the code letter by letter – all 3.2 billion! The project took 13 years to complete but it changed, forever, how we would understand biology. Today, the Wellcome Genome Campus is working on understanding thousands of genomes to help improve human health. This year 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Wellcome Genome Campus; a milestone to reflect on how far genomics has moved from a new science to an area of research that is already making changes to treat diseases and explore the world we live in.


Banner image: Alex Cagan