Title: Portrait of Helen Jolley | Credit: Chrystal Ding

Hellen Jolley

Wellcome Connecting Science | Various | Empowering People: Genetic Counselling in Focus

Treating entire families as the patient unit

Helen Jolley is a Registered Genetic Counsellor working at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine.


Here, Helen discusses how in the genetic counselling clinic, a counsellor is not just considering the person in front of them but the possible impact on their wider family, and working with the patient to manage the implications of this.



Chrystal Ding, 2019


Helen’s portrait was taken in the corridors of the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. Genetic counsellors like Helen work with patients to discuss options for genetic testing but also to discuss results of tests; many of which may have complex factors to consider for the patient but also for communicating with their wider family. Helen uses her skills and training to work with her patients to find the most empowering path for them.